In 2002, BrightSpyre was launched as one of the earlier Internet businesses in Pakistan. We helped companies reach and hire right candidates. This way, we are able to connect 50,000 job seekers with right opportunities. Today, our registered members have crossed 1 million users and our mission is to connect opportunity seekers with right opportunities. When you use our services, you offer an opportunity to one of the largest community of job seekers in finding right opportunities.

BrightSpyre Advantages

There are 3 main advantages of using BrightSpyre services for recruitment.

1. Reach Best Candidates

With 1,000,000 plus registered members on BrightSpyre, you can reach right candidates. Job Postings appear on-line instantly, catches right eye-balls and are distributed to targeted candidates through emails and social media channels. We reach more targeted audience than newspapers and any other mediums of hiring available in Pakistan.

2. Smart Hiring Tools

BrightSpyre provides smart hiring tools to manage your complete recruitment cycle. You can advertise fully customized job, set up filters to screen out junk resumes, process applications received in standardized format, search applications, manage multiple shortlists and communication with applicants through email and SMS. With powerful, interview schedules you can schedule hundreds of interview schedules in less than one minute. The tools provide collaboration support so that you can work with HR teams during the recruitment cycle.
Best of all, you save time, need less manpower and recruit the best candidates.

3. Cost Effective Hiring

With BrightSpyre, you save time, reduce hiring times that help you reduce recruitment costs. For large organizations our career site offers and executive search services reduces time to hire in large recruitment cycles. Medium size companies save thousands of dollars in annual recruiting expense.

Client Testimonials

We have recently hired a Research Associate using the job advertising services of BrightSpyre. The use of BrightSpyre’s services made the hiring process much easier for us, in terms of both savings in time as well as reduced time span of the recruitment and selection process itself.

We were able to narrow down to the most relevant candidates, on the basis of short listing carried out by BrightSpyre using the eligibility criteria that we had developed for the position in question. We then administered a short skills based test to the short listed candidates, followed by interviews to select our final candidate.

Based on our experience, I strongly recommend that employers make use of BrightSpyre’s recruitment services to meet their HR requirements and requirements and hire the best available individuals in the job market.

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